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End balance adjustment method of heating secondary network

Heating, as a social service to solve the basic living needs of winter heating in northern China, is a basic livelihood problem. There are huge complaints throughout the heating period. The fundamental reason is that heat cannot be accounted for point-to-point like water and electricity bills. It is a variable that is greatly affected by various factors. Therefore, people pay the same heating fee but cannot get the same heating quality. If the two networks can be balanced and smart heating can be achieved, social demands will be greatly reduced. This is also the direction of our joint efforts with heat companies; at the same time, the country has been advocating the concept of "energy saving and environmental protection", and a good balance between the two networks can directly reduce the amount of coal burned, which can greatly reduce the emission of pollutants. Contribute to the blue sky of the motherland;

The existing technology of Shenyang TKFM Fluid Control Co., Ltd. integrates advanced technologies such as communications, Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing. It adopts the patented heating secondary network end balance adjustment method, and automatically balances adjustment through the valve control system cloud platform The flow and heat of each household have better solved the hydraulic imbalance and thermal imbalance of the secondary heating network, achieving the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction while achieving comfortable and balanced heating.

The intelligent heating solution with independent intellectual property rights of measurement and control integrated by our company has epoch-making significance of technology and data. It is the inevitable development trend of the industry in the future, and realizes the social and economic benefits of energy conservation, environmental protection, and energy efficiency. The company will increase research and development efforts and investment, introduce cutting-edge technologies and algorithms such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis, and continue to innovate and devote itself to the development of smart cities and smart heating.

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